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New York debates future of Roe v. Wade

New York debates future of Roe v. Wade

Governor Andrew Cuomo vows to do his part to keep Roe v. Wade intact but what else is happening in New York State after Trump’s Supreme Court nomination?

It’s a hot topic across the country with many people wondering what will happen to Roe v. Wade and its protections in the coming months.

Stephen Hayford, with the New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, a pro-life lobbying group and says he doesn’t see anything changing.

“Abortion is legal in New York State and would continue to be legal in the state in the event that Roe v. Wade would be overturned,” Hayford said.

Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood CEO Chelly Hegan doesn’t agree.

“100 percent is the concern. It’s already happening,” Hegan said.

She says now she’s focused on passing a state law that would protect what’s laid out in the federal law.

It’s called the Reproductive Health Act and would provide various things including moving abortion laws from the criminal laws to the health laws.

“I don’t think anyone wants to see doctors and women going to jail over abortion,” Hegan said.

Hayford says the law contains things he doesn’t agree with.

“It’s about allowing non-physicians to perform abortions in New York State.”

Hegan says before Roe v. Wade, women were dying from unsafe illegal abortions.

“One in four women are going to access abortion do we really want one in four women’s lives to be at risk?”

Hayford says the alternative is dangerous too.

“Do you really believe that its pro-woman to have non-physicians performing abortion procedures in New York?”

The one thing they can agree on is educating yourself on the laws and make sure you vote in November.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began tracking legal abortions in 1969. The first numbers showed more than 193,000 women got the procedure.

Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973 that year reports show nearly 616,000 women accessed abortions. 

During the year of 1990, 1,429,000 abortions were reported. That year had the most abortions reported.

The more recent numbers show a decrease with 652,000 women receiving abortions in 2014.