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Glens Falls under State of Emergency due to Coronavirus

Glens Falls Post Star
GLENS FALLS — Mayor Dan Hall on Tuesday declared a state of emergency as a next step in the city’s response to the threat posed by the coronavirus.
Hall said there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19, but he issued the emergency declaration to better position the city to comply with directives from the state and federal government to fight the spread of the virus.
“This definitely is not a reason to panic,” Hall said in a news release. “Rather, this is a calculated step in the city’s plan to deal with coronavirus.”
The declaration follows a state of emergency issued by Warren County and aligns the city with Warren County’s response to the virus threat.
Additionally, Hall said the declaration may help recovery efforts by enabling the city and its stakeholders to participate in initiatives of the federal, state and county governments to help communities deal with the impacts of the virus threat.
“We are hopeful that if the federal or state government institutes measures to provide resources for struggling businesses, that the city’s state of emergency declaration will help our impacted businesses qualify for those programs.”
The state of emergency is in effect until further notice.

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