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Hadley-Luzerne Announces Reopening Plans

In the plans submitted to the New York State Department of Education, Hadley-Luzerne suggests a shifting start date of the school year to Monday, September 14th among other proposed plans.   

The start date shift would be to allow training of the school’s staff and educators of the new policies and procedures, better preparing them for when students will arrive to the Saratoga County campus.

In addition to the date shift, the school district also plans for on-site instruction for all kids, but does make accommodating plans in the event hybrid learning will be needed for those in the higher grades.

For students in Kindergarten up to Grade 6, instruction will be done on-site, Monday through Friday, with additional rooms being used to help with the overflow that is as a result of the six foot required spacing between desks.   This includes use of the cafeteria and specialty rooms as traditional classrooms, with students being served breakfast and lunch in their classroom in 2020-21.

For Middle School and High School students, the submitted plan hopes to have Monday through Friday learning in the classroom, with hallways being set up for one way traffic to encourage social distancing for the students.   However, the school district plans concessions in the event that they must adhere to an hybrid method, utilizing two groups who will alternate between in-class and distant learning every two days.   Students in Grades 7-9 will be in one group, and students in Grades 10-12 will be in a second.

Masks will be required during the day when students are not at a desk during all in-class days.

For full details on the reopening as submitted to the Board of Education, click here.

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