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Traveling to Vermont? Quarantine in effect for NY residents. (UPDATE 11/11)

If you’re planning on heading to Vermont, you better check the map to make sure you are able to cross the border without needing to quarantining yourself for leisure travel.

(Source-Post Star)Just hours after Vermont issued its weekly travel advisory map, which lists which county residents must quarantine for 14 days before crossing into the state, the governor scrapped the system.

Due to the rising number of cases throughout the Northeast, Gov. Phil Scott announced late Tuesday that all visitors to Vermont — and all Vermonters who leave the state — must quarantine.

He urged everyone to simply not travel.

For those who choose to travel, Vermonters must quarantine upon their return. Out-of-staters must quarantine before crossing into Vermont.

There are limited exceptions, mainly for essential travel. However, Vermont also will allow people to cross the border for a “school-sponsored activity.” It was not immediately clear if that would allow high school ski clubs in New York to visit Vermont ski resorts, or allow Vermont students who attend school in Washington County to continue their after-school clubs and athletic teams.

As recently as earlier Tuesday, those after-school activities were not allowed under the previous system.

Now, Vermonters returning from an out-of-state trip must complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative coronavirus test. The quarantine can be in the state in which the Vermonter is visiting if the Vermonter is traveling back by personal car. Otherwise, the quarantine begins when the Vermonter gets home.

The Vermont Department of Health compiles a map that shows what counties have travel restrictions, and updates it every Tuesday.  It can be found at

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