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Celebrate National Canoe Day at Moreau Lake

Sunday, June 26th is National Canoe Day.

Pictured: The canoe created by students
from Saratoga Springs High School

The Friends of Moreau Lake State Park, located in Saratoga County, are launching a new initiative called The Canoe Planter Trail this Sunday in honor of National Canoe Day. The Friends of Moreau Lake State Park organized youth groups in the area to adopt a canoe, which was found by Moreau Lake State Park Manager Al LaFountain. Each group will implement designs that they themselves have come up with and place them onto their adopted canoe.

The groups that have been tasked with adopting a canoe and to create a design for it are as follows:
– A group of students from Saratoga Springs High School
– St. Mary’s Alphonsus School
– Scouts Troop 24 in Wilton
– United Sisters of New York, Albany
– South Glens Falls Youth Center
– Fort Edward Union-Free High School

The canoes will be placed throughout the parks and used as planters by Master Gardeners. The project has been funded by money received by the Stewart’s Holiday Match program.