Home Movie Review-92 year old film is still just as shocking and controversial!

Tod Browning's shocking and controversial classic, "Freaks" was released on February 11th, 1932 and it's still a film that still has the power to shock and terrify! I first saw the film 15 years ago. I wasn't horrified but I was indeed shocked! It's amazing how the film was made. This is a film  that I've seen a handful of times over the years and it's one that you will never forget!

It's a film that is mislabeled as a horror movie. It's literally in a category of it's own. This film seems to be misunderstood. It was rejected by critics and audiences in 1932, but the film has been a sort of curiosity that has only grown larger over the 90 plus years.

This masterpiece follows the inside drama of a circus troupe. The film is noted for showcasing (some have said exploited) persons born with physical disabilities. However, my interpretation is that these people, although some only have a torso or only half of their body, are not judged by the director. So we are left with an ideal that there no disabled people here, just the differently abled. Tod Browning himself worked in a circus troupe and since he gave no interviews, he just left it up for audiences to decide. The film does show how badly some are taken advantage of, how they're mistreated and the extreme consequences for their mistreatment. 

To say more would take away from the film. If you're looking to watch something different this weekend, I suggest "Freaks"! Again, not an easy watch, but with a short running time of 62 minutes, it's worth your time! Listen to our entire discussion of the film by clicking here!

Photo by MING on Unsplash

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