Movie Review-Horizon: An American Saga Chapter One

As soon as I saw a teaser for a "A film directed by Kevin Costner", I was already interested! I then saw potential for an incredible, epic western! I spoke with Kevin Costner back in 2017, I asked him when he was directing another film! Take a listen to that conversation by clicking here!

Basically, "Horizon: An American Saga Chapter One" is an anthology film with tons of different characters coming in and out of it's three hour running time with such an energetic pace that doesn't make the runtime feel as long. This is the first of four parts (The second is coming out next month) and the third and fourth are currently in production (Most funded by Costner himself)!

The storyline for the four part western series takes place in pre to post civil war and follows a 12 year period in American history which seems to revolve around the mysterious town called "Horizon". The characters are pioneers trying to reach that land, venturing into unknown territory, miles away from their homes. In other filmmaker's hands this would be a run-of-the-mill anthology film that would be by the numbers, but since Costner is behind the camera (Also in front, he co-wrote and produced this) we know it will be something special. The energy is so kinetic from start to the end of Chapter One that I wanted to see Chapter Two INSTANTLY! There are moments that are corny with both the dialogue and performances, but the rewards out-weigh the imperfections. 

As I mentioned earlier, there are four chapters planned. Costner even gave up his role on "Yellowstone" to make this film and I'm so happy he did! Costner had only directed three films prior to "Horizon" and arguably two of them are certified masterpieces! If you love westerns, are a Kevin Costner fan OR you just love cinema, then YOU NEED to see this on the big screen! You will not regret it!


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