Movie Review-MaXXXine

Two years ago, I had time to kill. My wife was home sick & sleeping, the weather was lousy and I had a couple of hours before I had to be somewhere, so I took a chance on a slasher horror film that had the internet buzzing (which doesn't always mean the movie is good). The film was "X"! Directed by Ti West and starring his muse, Mia Goth. It was totally better than expected. It was a traditional "slasher horror" film, but more complex as there was a lot of complex character development bubbling underneath the surface. Interesting note, Mia Goth portrays both the heroine, Maxine and the main antagonist, Pearl. At the end of the film during the credits, A teaser preview for "Pearl" was screened! I wasn't 100% excited, but was curious. Mia Goth was incredible chewing the scenery playing dual and distinct roles and wanted to see where Ti West is going with this.

Fast forward six months and I was in the same theatre watching "Pearl"! I was stunned and disturbed. This had a totally different vibe than "X". Where "X" was a full-on slasher horror, "Pearl" is a psychological horror mixed with melodrama. The events in "Pearl" occur 60 years before "X" and we see what made Pearl tick and made her commit the gruesome acts that follow all the way through "X". Mia Goth is brilliant! She makes Pearl more of ant-hero than villain!  The monologue at the end of the film is so powerful! We do not agree with the way Pearl thinks or acts, but we understand where she's coming from and why she is compelled to do what she has been doing! Wow! Disturbing and unforgettable! At the end of the credits, we see a sneak preview for the third film, "MaXXXine"! Now I was actually somewhat excited!

I saw "MaXXXine" over the weekend and although the film was decent, it wasn't as interesting as "Pearl" but it had yet, another different vibe & feel. Where "X" was set in 1979, "Pearl" was set in 1918/1919, "MaXXXine" takes place five years later, 1985 in Hollywood! Ti West uses the real life "Night Stalker" killings as a backdrop. "MaXXXine" has a crime thriller/giallo horror vibe to it. Even though at times, the film loses focus and has difficulty trying to find out what type of film it wants to be, the rewards out-weigh the imperfections. Ti West also leaves the film open and has confirmed that he wants to expand the "X" universe further! Am I excited, not necessarily, but I will check it out to find where Ti West will go!

If you want to listen to our discussion of all three of these films in detail, click here! **SPOILER ALERT** We discuss all films in their entirety from start to finish!



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