Movie Theatre Review-"In A Violent Nature"

I took a trip down to the movie theatre in Colonie last Friday to check out the new slasher horror film from Shudder! The film has a limited release until it's released to their streaming platform later this year.

The plot reads like a typical slasher film: Group of young people go camping in the wilderness, they take a locket they find at a collapsed fire tower site, which awakens the corpse (named Johnny) of a vengeful spirit and goes after them while reflecting on a 60 year old horrific crime! The way first time filmmaker, Chris Nash presents this bloody & grisly tale is different. Yes, you see most of the story through Johnny's eyes, but not directly. You are literally following Johnny. Watching him enact his bloody revenge on the unknowing teens wanting to get his locket back! 

This is an extremely blood and gory film! It's a slow burn though. Chris Nash decides to pace this film his own way with long takes and there's no music score either. There's occasional music playing from stereos and mobile devices, but there's no musical score. Only the sound of nature! This adds to the suspense and horror. The film falls apart a bit, drags on and loses focus at the end, but overall a decent feature length debut from Chris Nash! Nature lovers will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ontario wilderness!

We reviewed this film. **SPOILER ALERT** We discuss this film from start to finish. You can listen to it by clicking here!

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