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Category Archives: Local News

NTSB calls on NHTSA to adopt new limo regulations

WASHINGTON (NEWS10) — The National Transportation Safety Board is calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to adopt limo safety reforms in the wake of the Schoharie limo crash. The letter from the NTSB includes the recommendations of lap and shoulder belts for all passenger seats on vehicles that were modified to be limousines.…more

Capital Region Salons and Barbers Prepare for Phase Two

ALBANY, N.Y .(NEWS10) — As the Capital region begins its second phase of reopening, many salons and barbershops are preparing to implement new business protocols.   Locations like Shannon’s Barber Shop in Glenmont, have added in plexiglass barriers. The shop also plans on reducing certain services.   “Some of the things we can’t do is beard shaves. We can’t do hair washing. There is no safe way to do that,” said Bill Asprion, Owner of Shannon’s Barber Shop.   Central Avenue…more

Civil rights activist cautions protesters to watch for agitators

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A local man, who protested during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, has cautioned Black Lives Matter protesters to beware of people attempting to turn peaceful protests into riots. Victor Collier has lived through riots and understands the frustrations in seeking justice. “We’ve reached an all-time fever at this juncture where everyone…more

2 arrested for shooting at homes in Saratoga County; more arrests possible

DAY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate after two men were arrested for shooting at homes in the Town of Day. On May 11, deputies said 46-year-old Kenneth Burdick and 28-year-old Alex Shippee were on Hollow Road and fired multiple shots at two different homes in the area. Investigators found…more

State of Minnesota files complaint against Minneapolis police in Floyd’s death

MINNEAPOLIS (AP/Nexstar) – The state of Minnesota filed a human rights complaint Tuesday against the Minneapolis Police Department in the death of George Floyd. Gov. Tim Walz and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights announced the filing at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. A video of Floyd in his last moments appears to show his…more

COVID-19 has potential to spread during protests, marches, health experts warn

CHICAGO (WGN/Nexstar) — The nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death may be putting people in danger in ways they don’t realize. As protesters march side by side, they risk spreading and contracting the virus that has affected thousands of households. COVID-19 testing sites may also not be accessible, limiting diagnoses of the…more

White House considered taking control of DC police

WASHINGTON (AP/NEXSTAR) — The Trump administration floated the idea of taking over the police force in the nation’s capital after days of violent demonstrations that led to fires and vandalism. Officials with the D.C. Mayor’s Office said Tuesday that the White House raised the possibility of taking control of the Metropolitan Police Department. The officials…more

Small businesses feel aftershocks of Albany riots

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Many small businesses in downtown Albany have no plans of reopening for Phase Two because of recent violence in their neighborhood. Many business owners on Central Ave. and South Pearl Street were seen boarding up their windows after nights of riot confrontations. Small business owners say fear is in the air…more

California man allegedly caught eating 90-year-old grandma’s body

RICHMOND, Calif. (NEXSTAR) – A 37-year-old Northern California man was arrested on suspicion of killing his 90-year-old grandmother and trying to eat her body Monday afternoon. Richmond officers responding to a 911 call of a man standing over a woman’s bloody body allegedly found 37-year-old Dwayne Wallick in the act of eating his grandmother, Ruby…more