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Last Chance To Win Luke Bryan!

    Everything Country Froggy 100.3 knows you’re excited for Luke Bryan’s What Makes You Country Tour this Sunday night at Saratoga Performing Arts Center!  All this week, Froggy 100.3 will be giving you ONE LAST CHANCE to win tickets!  Wake up with Kate Sullivan and The Froggy Morning Buzz or Ride Home with Chris…

Bicentennial celebration for the town of Corinth!

Corinth, NY was established in 1918 and is located on the banks of the Hudson River in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The surrounding lakes, streams, and woodlands provide beauty at every turn. Come and enjoy the serenity of Corinth,  and still be only 15 minutes away from all the faster-paced attractions and entertainment …

The Washington County Fair returns!

    Everything Country Froggy 100.3 is sending YOU to the Washington County Fair…Monday August 20th through Sunday August 26th! Listen for your chances to win all this week OR fill out and submit the form below, so you can treat your family to a timeless tradition in the north country, The Washington County Fair…

JUNE 2018 Teacher of the Week PHOTOS

JUNE 2018 Teacher of the Week PHOTOS

Recently we were out visiting area schools to award our local Teacher of the Week winners with their plaque and prizes for being the best educators in the North Country.  Here they are together with TCT Federal Credit Union’s Irv Hilts.         Congratulations to these great educators from TCT Federal Credit Union…

Froggy 100.3 welcomes The Big Cookout Starring Lee Brice!

Everything Country Froggy 100.3 knows you love to be outside in the summertime! Road trips, swimming and COUNTRY CONCERTS! Get ready! Froggy 100.3’s welcoming THE BIG Cookout, Sunday September 2nd at the fields of Saratoga Casino Hotel featuring…Lee Brice, Frankie Ballard, and Clare Dunn! PLUS local favorites Big Sky Country & Skeeter Creek!    Listen…

Blackberry Smoke has re-scheduled their cancelled show!

  Friends,  Regrettably we have to postpone our shows this Friday May 18th at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY and Saturday May 19th at The Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY.  As you know, we take not being able to perform a show very seriously.  We would never consider doing it unless…


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Protest held to call for paid sick days

Protesters are calling for something to be done about paid sick days.

A silent protest was held on Monday.

“It is really unconscionable that people have to go to work sick, putting themselves at risk and the public at risk because they can’t afford to call out for work,” Ivette Alfonso, Pres. Of Statewide Board of Citizen Action of New York, said.

“Currently, only 40 percent of the workers in Albany County do not have a single paid sick day,” Working Families organizer Sara Palmer said. “This predominately affects lower income people.”

Dozens said it’s already tough for lower income workers to make a living with the salary they receive.

“Most retail stores – it’s $10.40 an hour,” Palmer said. “You can’t miss a day of work.”

“I think that everybody should have that as a benefit, especially in some of these fields, it’s very important,” Citizens Action member Thomas Goodfellow said.

Palmer said her past experience with low wages is why she wanted to speak up for those who couldn’t be at the protest.

“I, personally, have also been affected by something like this being a low wage worker most of my life,” she said.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy said paid sick days were one of his main priorities when he made his State of the County Address.

“This is something that should be on the front burner for legislation and this body, and it should be a priority and this is something that they should dig into and really help the people that are the backbone of our community,” he said.

McCoy said he didn’t think it would take them that long to make a decision. He said they may get around to it in the fall.

Albany pothole recurring cause of flat tires

A crumbling Albany highway caused several motorists to have a flat tire on their Monday evening commute.

One patch of an Albany roadway caused problems for multiple drivers. In the course of one hour, one pothole was able to take out the tires of five cars.

“All of a sudden, we came up and there was a monster pothole.”

“As soon as I come around the turn, it’s just boom boom.”

The pothole is on the Exit 6 ramp of I-90 WB. New reports from USA Today ranks New York as the seventh lowest state in road conditions.

“I understand it’s the Northeast and the roads do freeze over, but it seems like there’s a lot of potholes.”

Drivers said they plan to go to Albany City Hall to address the issue, but it’s actually a problem for New York State Department of Transportation. The American Society of Civil Engineers said one-third of New York’s major highways are in poor or fair condition.

“There hasn’t been crews fixing potholes at least as quick as I think they should.”

NYDOT suggests spending $4.9 billion to “bring the pavement system to a state of good repair.” It’s a pittance compared to the $40 billion in spending the ASCE suggests.

Currently, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced another $100 million to go toward repaving roads.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to NYDOT, but the department was unable to comment by the end of the day.

Some mementos removed from gravesites at local cemetery

People visiting dearly departed friends and family at a Rensselaer cemetery are finding mementos and keepsakes left on gravesites have gone missing.

But it’s not a thief; it’s the management who is behind it.

Melissa Apjohn-Walker said she learned Friday that several keepsakes on her departed husband’s gravesite were missing.

“My mother called me because my father and brother are buried here, and she said, ‘Melissa, my Shepard’s Hook is missing. You better go check Dennis.’”

When her husband Dennis suddenly died of a heart attack nine years ago, he was buried at Holy Sepulchre in Rensselaer. It’s where his daughter Statia comes to visit her dad.

Like many visitors, Statia would leave behind small, but special, keepsakes.

“It’s hard to see the stuff that I gave him, and it’s all gone,” she said.

Melissa said it all happened without notice from the cemetery. But she did manage to retrieve some of the missing mementos in a pile behind the cemetery’s maintenance garage.

But the rest of the keepsakes were taken from other family plots. Melissa said she even found some tossed in a dumpster.

“I think it would be great to get this out there so that they could try to claim their loved ones things.”

The groundskeeper handed Melissa a set of rules, and most of the decorations seen at the cemetery are not allowed. He said he’s new to the job and the former groundskeeper never enforced the rules. He added that a notice was posted in the two churches associated with the cemetery.

“He said, ‘They announced it in church.’ Well, we don’t go to that church. We live in Schodack.”

Melissa, however, said she understands his position.

“Absolutely,” she said. “There’s many, many cemeteries that don’t allow hooks, flowers in the ground. Nine years my husband’s been there we never had a problem. People need to get their stuff before they throw it out.”

The groundskeeper said he’s received many calls from upset family members, but he will continue to remove items and place them behind the maintenance garage.


Police offer new details in case of missing 4-month-old

Family members remain without answers nearly a week after police began searching for a 4-month-old boy.

Schenectady police discovered the body of a young child behind a home on State Street late last week, but they still cannot give closure to the family of Rayen Puleski. Officers held a press conference on Monday to state they are still unable to identify the body.

Lisa Dutcher was hoping for closure.

“I have that hope,” she said. “That he is still out there somewhere, but unfortunately, this is all just too coincidental.”

Dutcher’s niece, Heaven Puleski, lived at the State Street home with Rayen, but the infant has not been seen in a month.

“I was under the impression that he was safe and she was clean and things were going good for her,” Dutcher said.

Schenectady Police Sgt. Matt Dearing said the body found behind the home cannot be identified, yet, because of the condition of the body.

“It’s going to be a little bit of time before we are going to be able to positively identify or get a potential cause of death from autopsy or anything along those lines,” he said.

Dearing would not elaborate, but he said it is an ongoing and active investigation that started when Child Protective Services contacted the police department last week. Dutcher puts the blame on CPS.

“Me, personally, I think they failed him,” she said.

Dutcher said Heaven told CPS that Rayen was staying with her daughter – something that was not true and something Dutcher said CPS never checked on.

“Somebody has got to be liable for this because if we had been contacted sooner, especially when she said my daughter had the baby, they should have contacted my daughter immediately,” Dutcher said.

Police say anyone with information should come forward right away.

“You can get one tip or one lead that kind of turns things around, and we’re going to follow every single one of those,” Dearing said.

As Dutcher and her family continue to wait.

“Waiting for answers, still, just like everybody else,” she said.

Heaven was taken into custody by police last week for questioning. There is no word on her current location, but police said no arrests have been made and they would not comment on any people of interest.

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