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More chances to win Jason Aldean tickets!

    Everything Country Froggy 100.3 knows you’re excited that these guys will be at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, next Thursday September 5th! Jason Aldean & Kane Brown!  They’ll both be in town next Thursday, so if you want to score tickets then listen for Kane Brown and Jason Aldean back to back OR vice…

Operation Adopt A Soldier Needs our help!

        Late Saturday afternoon, Aug. 17, 2019 a fire broke  out at the headquarters of Operation Adopt A Soldier  at 4281 Route 50 in Wilton.  Several fire departments and first responders responded to the scene and immediately started to attack the blaze that started in the utility room of the building which…

Ladies Lock in with Riley Green!!!

Everything Country Froggy 100.3 welcomes another Ladies Lock-In to Bootleggers Bar & Grill in Troy! Tuesday September 10th featuring Riley Green! This one’s for the ladies! Guys if you’re well behaved, perhaps she might take you too! The only way in is if you win tickets, so keep listening! You must be 21 years of…

Holy Smokes! The Washington County Fair!!!!

    Everything Country Froggy 100.3 welcomes the return of the Washington County Fair, Monday through Sunday August 25th!   Don’t forget to check out Big Sky Country inside entertainment tent #1 Saturday evening, August 24th , sponsored by Glens Falls Hospital! Froggy 100.3 will be at the Fair:   Monday 8/19 from 4pm-6pm   Tuesday 8/20…

Mitchell Tenpenny is coming to Upstate Concert Hall!

  Everything Country Froggy 100.3 knows that even though it’s not quite Halloween yet, you’re still going to see the candy pop up all over the place… pumpkin spice whatever… But one thing that you can REALLY look forward to is seeing Mitchell Tenpenny Halloween night at Upstate Concert Hall!   Mitchell TenPenny will be…

The Outlaw Music Festival with Willie Nelson Returns to SPAC!

  Everything Country Froggy 100.3 welcomes the Outlaw Music Festival to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saturday September 7th with the legendary Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss, Brothers Osborne and more! Tickets go on-sale this Friday at 10am but we’re giving you a chance to win tickets before you can buy them! Listen for…

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Bolsonaro prepares to send army to contain Amazon fires

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Under increasing international pressure to contain record numbers of fires in the Amazon, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Friday he might send the military to battle the massive blazes.

“That’s the plan,” said Bolsonaro. He did not say when the armed forces would get involved but suggested that action could be imminent.

Bolsonaro has previously described rainforest protections as an obstacle to economic development, sparring with critics who note that the Amazon produces vast amounts of oxygen and is considered crucial in efforts to contain global warming.

Small numbers of demonstrators gathered outside Brazilian diplomatic missions in Paris, London and Geneva to urge Brazil to do more to fight the fires.

Neighboring Bolivia and Paraguay have also struggled to contain fires that swept through woods and fields and, in many cases, got out of control in high winds after being set by residents clearing land for farming. About 7,500 square kilometers (2,900 square miles) of land has been affected in Bolivia, according to Defense Minister Javier Zavaleta.

On Friday, a B747-400 SuperTanker arrived in Bolivia to help with the fire-fighting effort. The U.S.-based aircraft can carry nearly 76,000 liters (20,000 gallons) of retardant, a substance used to stop fires.

Some 370 square kilometers (140 square miles) have burned in northern Paraguay, near the borders with Brazil and Bolivia, said Joaquín Roa, a Paraguayan state emergency official. He said the situation has stabilized.

In escalating tension over the fires, France accused Bolsonaro of having lied to French leader Emmanuel Macron and threatened to block a European Union trade deal with several South American states, including Brazil.

The specter of possible economic repercussions for Brazil and its South American neighbors show how the Amazon is becoming a battleground between Bolsonaro and Western governments alarmed that vast swathes of the region are going up in smoke on his watch.

Ahead of a Group of Seven summit in France this weekend, Macron’s office issued a statement questioning Bolsonaro’s trustworthiness.

Brazilian statements and decisions indicate Bolsonaro “has decided to not respect his commitments on the climate, nor to involve himself on the issue of biodiversity,” Macron’s statement said.

It added that France now opposes an EU trade deal “in its current state” with the Mercosur bloc of South American nations that includes Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne also expressed concern, saying he is “truly worried about the attitude Brazil seems to have adopted right now regarding” fires in the Amazon.

“Brazilian rainforests are vital for the world’s climate” and Brazil should do whatever it can to stop the blazes, said Rinne, whose country holds the European Union’s rotating presidency.

Bolsonaro has accused Macron of politicizing the issue, and his government said European countries are exaggerating Brazil’s environmental problems in order to disrupt its commercial interests. Bolsonaro has said he wants to convert land for cattle pastures and soybean farms.

Even so, Brazilian state experts have reported a record of nearly 77,000 wildfires across the country so far this year, up 85% over the same period in 2018. Brazil contains about 60% of the Amazon rainforest, whose degradation could have severe consequences for global climate and rainfall.


Associated Press journalists John Leicester in Paris; Juan Karita in Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Pedro Servin in Asunción, Paraguay; and Christopher Torchia in Caracas, Venezuela contributed to this report.

CDC warns about deadly drug-resistant salmonella

ATLANTA (CNN) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) iswarning about a new strain of salmonella that’s resistant to antibiotics.

The common form of food poisoning affects more than a million people eachyear.

Most of them recover without any medication but serious cases requireantibiotics.

A new strain of the infection isn’t responding as well to those medications.

It has hospitalized at least 60 people since last June and killed two ofthem.

The CDC traced the bacteria to beef in the U.S. and cheese in Mexico.

The agency believes cows in both countries may carry it.

You can easily avoid it by cooking beef to a safe temperature and avoideating soft cheese that could be made with unpasteurized milk.

Madison Park gets a facelift

ALBANY, N.Y.(NEWS10)—Madison Park located on the corner of Ontario and Madison Avenue is the latest Albany Park to get revamped. Lines of sight were improved, the old playground equipment was removed, and now there are three basketball courts instead of two.

KOMPAN donated $100,000 in equipment. Kids can play on the play structures and parents can work out on their own structures.

Madison park also has the first elliptical machine at a park in Albany.

Doctors find brown recluse spider in woman’s ear

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CNN) – A story out of Kansas City could give younightmares.

That’s where doctors found a brown recluse spider inside a woman’s ear.

“I woke up Tuesday morning hearing a bunch of swooshing and water in myleft ear,” Susie Torres, woman who found spider inside her ear, said.

Torres went to this clinic in the Northland where a medical assistant first checked her out.

“Ran out and said I’m going to go get a couple more people and said Ithink you have an insect in there. I didn’t panic because I did not knowexactly what is was until she came back in and told me it was a spider. Theyhad a few tools and worked their magic and got it out”

Once it was out Torres, unsurprisingly, had a few questions about hereight-legged guest.

“Just why, where, what and how? I never thought that they would crawlin your ear or any part of your body.”

Doctors then told Torres it was a brown recluse, a venomous spider.

“She said she looked and I looked ok and that I was lucky that I didn’tget bitten by this recluse.”

Now Torres is taking some extra precautions when she goes to bed at night.

“I went and put some cotton balls in my ear last night because I didnot have any ear plugs, I’m pretty terrified of the spiders.”

Bites from brown recluse spiders can result in fever, chills, increasedsweating, nausea, and headaches.

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