I understand that texting is worthwhile when you just want to let someone know quickly that you are ok. Or if you want to check in with someone just to let them know that you're thinking about them. Call me old school, but if it's someone that is really important to you, there's no substitute to picking up the phone and just giving them a call. I've run into this with someone who was my best friend for about a four year stretch. We were quite close and used to talk all the time. But in this new age of instant gratification, this person would rather get into a lengthy texting exchange as opposed to just talking. I get that people are busy and texting is a way to quickly catch up with someone. But I feel like it wouldn't take any more time to just talk on the phone as opposed to texting back and forth. It's a lost art, that to me, is a lot more personal. I hope it makes a comeback!

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