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Help Finn’s Fight!

Finn Herringshaw, a 5 year old boy from Fort Ann was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and now faces a long road of treatments and his family needs our help to cope with medical expenses. There will be a truck convoy called “Fuel Up For Finn” on Sunday, October 11th at 11am. We want ALL Trucks…


  Everything Country Froggy 100.3’s giving you and your family one last chance to take in the beauty and history at Fort Ticonderoga before their season ends. All this week Wake up with Ben Ryan or Ride Home with Chris O’Neil and listen for last chances to win! Fort Ticonderoga has an amazing corn maze,…

WARNING: Watch out for this COVID Scam

The Warren County Department of Health is warning residents of a new scam popping up trying to lift credit card numbers and personal information from unsuspecting people, claiming that they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

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09/21/2020: High pressure ALL week….

Latest Storm Tracker Forecast from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo, Tim Drawbridge, and Rob Lindenmuth….

High pressure is positioned from Northern New England southwestward into the Ohio Valley…. and, will reside pretty much over / near us the rest of the week….

Surface Analysis – as of Monday at 4:25pm

A Frost ADVISORY is in effect for the Capital Region points south in the Hudson Valley – all of Columbia & Dutchess Counties…. from 4am to 8am…. for overnight lows of 32° to 37°…. skies will be mainly clear….

Frost ADVISORY – issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) Albany (left) and the Futurecast Forecast Low Temperatures – Tuesday (right)

The Futurecast shows another beauty for tomorrow / Tuesday…. as Fall “officially” begins at 9:30am…. lots of sunshine….

High temps will range from the upper 50s in the heart of the Adirondacks to the mid & upper 60s from Albany points south….

Futurecast Forecast High Temperatures – Tuesday – Capital Region (left) and the Adirondacks into the Mohawk Valley (right)
Futurecast Forecast High Temperatures – Tuesday – the Catskills to the I-88 Corridor into the mid-Hudson Valley (left) and Washington / Columbia / Dutchess Counties into Western New England (right)

Look for some cloud-cover issues on Wednesday…. we’re calling it partly sunny…. high temps will moderate and range from the mid and upper 60s in the Adirondacks to the low & mid 70s….

Futurecast Clouds and Precipitation – Wednesday at Noon (left) and the Futurecast Forecast High Temperatures – Wednesday (right)

Here’s your Forecast for Tonight and Tomorrow / Tuesday….

Forecast Pages – Tonight (left) and Tomorrow / Tuesday (right)

High pressure will continue to provide SPENDID weather the rest of the week…. no rainfall / shower activity until later in the weekend into next week….

News10abc Storm Tracker 7-Day Forecast

Live: Pres. Trump delivers remarks in Ohio

(NewsNation Now) — Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are back on the campaign trail Monday.

Trump is in Ohio where he has two events. He’ll deliver remarks at a “Fighting for The Great American Worker” event in Vandalia, Ohio. The event was scheduled for 4:30 p.m. ET but has been delayed.

Later in the evening, he’ll host a “Great American Comeback Event” in Swanton, Ohio at 7 p.m. ET. NewsNation is efforting live streams of these events.

Biden is in Wisconsin and delievered remarks in Manitowoc Monday afternoon.

Restaurants call for looser capacity restrictions

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A local assemblywoman is petitioning the state to lift some of the restrictions on the restaurant industry. As the weather turns colder, outdoor seating will no longer be an option for every business.

Assemblymember Carrie Woerner spoke outside Hattie’s in Saratoga Springs on Monday. She wants the state to expand the seating capacity limit to 75 percent to get more customers in the door and keep restaurants afloat.

Advocates are also calling for a cap on fees for delivery services such as DoorDash and GrubHub. One restaurant owner said his expenses for third party delivery services jumped from five percent before the coronavirus pandemic to 40 percent now.

“Just to put a quantity on how much of an expense these third party deliveries are for my business, it’s cost me $30,000 in expenses just since St. Patrick’s Day to keep my business up and running with the support of these third party deliveries,” David Zuka, Ravenous Caperie owner, said.

It’s not the only expense these businesses are facing. They are purchasing and renting tents and propane heaters, which cost upwards of $100 a day to keep outdoor spaces comfortable and inviting.

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Warren County budget changes as coronavirus creates windfalls and new costs in stride

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The changes that have come with COVID-19 in 2020 have included canceled or postponed events, altered community services and reduced staffing for some county departments. All of those have an impact on local and county economies, and on Friday, Warren County Supervisor Ryan Moore presented a new budget that laid out how; to the tune of around $4 million in savings for the county.

The new budget was created with contributions from 29 county departments, all of which reflected on how coronavirus had changed their own spending in 2020.

One of the largest sources of savings was reduced spending from the county tourism department, totaling in at $700,000. $163,500 had been saved by refraining from spending on social media promotions, online outreach and web development projects. Along the same lines, $40,000 was saved in travel guide expenses as well.

Unused occupancy tax set aside for tourism promotion accounts for another $500,000.

The next most noticeable factor for anyone living in the North Country is the unspent money left in the wake of county events. Moore said around $200,000 had been saved thanks to the cancelation of events that would have been funded by county occupancy tax.

Those include events like the Adirondack Nationals Car Show, Adirondack Balloon Festival and Warrensburg World’s Largest Garage Sale, among others.

Other savings come from internal county processes. About $100,000 went unspent by way of the county Department of Public Works not making any equipment purchases.

The DPW has operated with vacant positions through the pandemic. Moore said the engineering unit has remained particularly bare-bones.

Adding to that are benefits like $40,000 saved in legal and transfer fees from the county attorney’s office; $35,000 from a delayed upgrade to lighting at the county Sheriff’s office; and $35,000 from the April primary election getting delayed.

The $4 million saved is being put away for safekeeping for now. The funds are being appropriated into a contingency account, where they will remain untouched until further notice.

Costs on the county

The good news of money saved didn’t come without new concerns. The existence of that $4 million comes at a time when the county is taking a $900,000 hit of unexpected costs from the state of New York.

$700,000 of that comes from Medicaid reimbursement gap. Moore said that Medicaid providers are getting the same amount as before, and the county is being asked to pay the new difference out-of-pocket.

Also looming is the uncertain possibility of the county losing 20 percent of its usual state aid altogether, working out to a total loss of $3.5 million.

Moore said the county could weather the storm and handle that loss if it was just for one year, but if that loss became the new normal, worse times could lie ahead.

“If you take a $3.5 million cut for three years, you’re down below $10 million and we’re borrowing beneath payroll,” he said in the meeting Friday. “We don’t have the cash to pay people’s paychecks at that point.”

The county also made the decision to call off two $150,000 reserve fund packages. One was for new capital projects at SUNY Adirondack, and the other was set to go towards project assessments.

Data by the data plan

The impact on tourism advertisements could have been a lot worse. Moore brought Google mobility statistics that used cell phone data to track how many out-of-area visitors came to different New York counties in August. Warren County was the second-hottest destination.

Ranking first place by a wide margin was Essex County, which saw 72 percent more traffic than the year before. Warren County came up second at 38 percent. next was Wyoming County, at 30 percent; Sullivan County, at 20 percent; and Tioga County, at 13 percent.

Later in the meeting, board member Dennis Dickinson commented that he noticed the surge, because with it came a dip in his own cell reception. He suggested using that data to push for a boost in cell service to the county in the future.


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WATCH: Chris Stapleton’s Brand New “Starting Over” Video

Embedded from We may not be able to get our hands on Chris Stapleton’s Starting Over album until November 13, but at least we now have this. On Monday (Sept. 21), Stapleton released a music video for the 14-track album’s title track “Starting Over.” Because of the new normal we’re in right now, the……

Q&A: How Scotty McCreery’s Voice Changed When He Picked Up His Pen

Almost ten years ago, when Scotty McCreery was named the champ of American Idol in 2011, he quickly released his debut album Clear As Day that same year. So quickly, in fact, that he didn’t have time to be a part of the songwriting process. Then came his See You Tonight in 2013. He co-wrote……