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6-year-old boy’s ‘YouCanBeABCs’ rap video inspires kids to dream big

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (NewsNation Now) — A 6-year-old boy from Tennessee is inspiring his peers to expand their outlook on what they can achieve with a new take on the ABCs.

Robert Samuel White, of Memphis, is rapping the ABCs to show other children what careers they can have when they grow up. His two-minute “#YouCanBeABCs” video, which was posted on Facebook Saturday, already has nearly 7 million views and it landed the 6-year-old an appearance on “CBS This Morning,” NewsNation affiliate WREG reported.

“You can be a C — computer software developer, for programs, software and files. You can be a D — You can be a dentist, because everybody loves to smile,” Robert raps in the video.

Robert’s father, Bobby White, beat-boxes in the background of the video.

Bobby White told WREG that the family hopes Robert’s video inspires others to achieve.

“It’s a genius in so many of these kids,” Bobby White said. “It’s just about tapping into it.”

His mother, Stephanie Nerissa White, said that the video is just a small glimpse of Robert’s larger-than-life personality.

“Robert is extremely fun and funny,” she said. “He loves to tell jokes. He loves to jump around and he’s extremely, extremely outgoing.”

Robert said he hopes to become an architect.

“I want to build stores and skyscrapers. I want to build a lot of things,” Robert said.

NewsNation affiliate WREG contributed to this story.

Women’s Health: Local breast cancer survivor shares her brave story

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- “I’m still here,” said breast cancer survivor JoAnn Ganc in an interview with NEWS10’s Christina Arangio. Four years and multiple surgeries later, Ganc said she continues to struggle some days but she wants to let others like her know they are not alone.

Prior to her breast cancer diagnosis, Ganc said she noticed something was wrong. She felt tired and noticed her dogs were also acting strangely towards her. It was then that she found a lump while doing her first self-breast exam.

She was 37 years old with no family history of breast cancer and no previous diagnosis.

Doctors initially thought her cancer was Stage One but a biopsy showed it was Stage Two. There was no debate in her mind as to what she wanted to do. She chose to have a double mastectomy and opted out of having the reconstruction.

A women’s right to choose breast reconstruction after a partial or full mastectomy is protected under federal and state law, as Albany Medical Center’s Dr. Jeff Kim explained previously.

Fearing a second diagnosis in the future, Ganc chose to have a complete mastectomy. After speaking with women about their reconstruction surgeries, she said she decided against the reconstruction surgery choosing to “go flat”.

However, with two staph infections after her mastectomy and two revisions, she said the difficulties of dealing with breast cancer, surgery, and treatment are often not talked about. Although she considers herself a strong person, Ganc said it was a dark chapter in her life that left her humbled.

Speaking to the struggles of a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent decision to not undergo reconstruction surgery, it’s a roller coaster of emotions she continues to battle in the form of anxiety while out in public. Part of that she said is trying to find clothing that fits properly.

The decision to reconstruct or not is very personal. There is no “right way” to approach mastectomy and reconstruction (or lack of it). There is only the way that is best for you, your preferences, and your healing.

Some women who want no reconstruction say their doctors just assumed they wanted reconstruction or that they’ve felt pressured by their doctors or family members to have reconstruction.

If you feel that your doctor isn’t fully listening to you or isn’t taking your choice of no reconstruction seriously, make an appointment with another surgeon to get a second opinion. Because the choice to reconstruct or not is very personal, you need a surgeon who listens to you and explains things in ways you can understand. It’s also important that you know all of your reconstructive options, especially if those initially presented to you aren’t appealing. Studies from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have found that more than 70% of women aren’t fully informed about their reconstructive options before mastectomy.

Approximately 56% of women choose reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy while the remaining 44% do not, according to Ganc spoke candidly about her decision, “There was no other choice for me. I like to teach my kids that, you know, you deal with what you’re given and you don’t need to be or look a certain way. It’s about more than just your appearance.”

Watch Christina Arangio’s full interview with JoAnn Ganc

Recent Listeria infection outbreak traced back to deli meat, CDC says

(WJW) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting a multi-state outbreak of Listeria infections that they say is traced back to deli meat. Approximately 10 people were sickened and hospitalized sometime during the months of August through October, with one person dying from the illness.

Those who were sickened were reportedly between the ages of 40 and 80 and lived in Florida, Massachusetts or New York. The CDC reported that 9 of the 10 infected people said they’d eaten deli meat prior to getting sick.

At this time no specific brand of meat has been cited as the cause.

Listeria more commonly affects people with compromised immune systems, older people and also those who are pregnant.

Health officials warn that deli meat is known to sometimes have Listeria bacteria, and remind people to cook deli meats before ingesting and to always throw away opened packages of deli meat after five days in the refrigerator.

The CDC, along with other government health organizations, continues to monitor the current outbreak and will update the public as soon as more is learned.


Ohio woman creates Baby Yoda from 451-pound pumpkin

DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) — Now in her 32nd year of creating giant celebrity pumpkins, artist Jeanette Paras of Dublin, Ohio. decided to venture this Halloween to a galaxy far, far away.

On her pumpkin porch this year is “Baby YodaKin,” based on Baby Yoda, or The Child, from the Star Wars show The Mandalorian.

Paras steered away from spotlighting political figures during an election year. She said that Baby Yoda, like the wise Jedi master Yoda, represents tranquility in a world roiled by a pandemic and seemingly endless bad news.

“I want people to look at Baby YodaKin, smile, appreciate his cuteness and enjoy a moment away from everything going on in the world today,” Paras said in a news release. ”To me, Baby YodaKin represents the mental-health break we need.”

Paras said she also considered “pumpkinizing” the coronavirus, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and others.

The Baby Yoda pumpkin weighs 451 pounds and was grown by Scott Kulpa of Galena, Ohio. It measures 40 inches in diameter and includes two 39-inch ears, making the display almost 10 feet wide.

Paras said she attempts to capture the cultural zeitgeist through her giant celebrity pumpkin creations — more than 90 in all — that have included presidents, politicians, entertainers and athletes.

“When I crack up because of one of my giant celebrity pumpkins, that’s when I know I’ve picked the right subject,” she said. “It’s so much fun to do this every year. I love the reactions I get from my neighbors and people who stop by our house.”

A gallery of Para’s creations can be found at


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Blake Shelton Pops the Question, Gwen Stefani Says “Yes”

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Randy Rogers Band: 20 Questions About the Band’s 20 Years

It’s been 20 years since Randy Rogers recruited some of his friends and became what is now a household name in and out of Texas: Randy Rogers Band. “October 3, 2000 was our first ever gig as the Randy Rogers Band. I named it the Randy Rogers Band back then,” Rogers told me when he……