Travelling down Route 22 in NY

I recently had to drive down Route 22 in NY from Granville to Dover Plains. There are a lot of interesting towns and hamlets along the way including place like Austerlitz and Berlin among others. But one that always catches my eye is the town of Stephentown. The town had a sign as you enter stating that it's the only Stephentown in the world. In my quick research, it looks like there might be another Stephentown in the Bahamas. But the spellings might be slightly different. Nonetheless, it is pretty unique. Apparently Stephentown was first settled in 1765 and named after Stephen Van Rensselaer. The town was originally known as Jericho Hallow was changed not to long after it was established. Stephen Van Rensselaer was in the US House of Representatives from 1822 to 1829 and served in the military during the war of 1812 obtaining the rank of Major General. Unique individual along with a unique town in the state of NY. 

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